MagicHaskeller: An Inductive Functional Programming System for Casual/Beginner Haskell Programmers

Susumu Katayama, University of Miyazaki

(There is also an experimental variant of MagicHaskeller which synthesizes functions for Microsoft Excel.)

Use it now!

Specify a function f by writing a predicate as a boolean-valued expression. You will get functions generalizing the specification.



Limitations, ToDos, and Future Plans

Library (and Stand-alone) Versions

Here is a link to the old web page for its library (and stand-alone) versions. Please note that they are not updated very often.

Other Materials

Here are the extended abstract and the presentation file used for the presentation at Haskell 2013 Symposium. (Some links are updated to make usable in this environment, for those of you who are interested.)
And this is the AAIP 2013 stuff.